Our Story, What’s yours?

Since Shot Glass Films (Showreel) first opened its doors in 1985 we have been creating short films for all types of industries and organizations… and we can’t get enough! Each production is a new adventure with exciting new challenges.  We learn all we can about our clients’ brand, products, services and company culture.  Then we collaborate to construct targeted, captivating films that will tell their story. We sincerely enjoy the creative process, infectious energy, and satisfaction that comes with each and every project.

Recently Jessica Manherz, our new managing partner has moved in, bringing a new name (Shot Glass Films), strategies, resources, and a thirst to grow.  Our team is creative, down to earth, and incredibly hardworking.  Every one of us loves what we do, and we continue to challenge ourselves every day.

Key People:  

Managing Partner & Executive Producer, Jessica Manherz

Director & Director of Photography, Eric Jackson