Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our blog!  As you know, we are Shot Glass Films.  Though we like to have a good time here at Shot Glass, despite what you probably first thought our name is not a reference to alcohol.  What we are really referring to is the camera lens “glass.”  Lately “Shot Glass” has opened up a lot of fun dialogue, we have to admit, but instead we like to think about Shot Glass as something like this:  Lenses use glass to focus light into images… at Shot Glass, we use lenses to tell great stories. 

We decided to start a blog to give you some insight on our latest productions, share some tips for both clients and filmmakers, and hopefully keep you entertained.  We also want to tell you more about how we operate, our team…and really whatever else you might find fun and useful to read.  If there’s anything you’d specifically like to hear about, please let us know.  We’re always excited to hear new ideas!

Check out our main website (www.shotglassfilms.com) for our full story, and for a more detailed look at each of our team members.  Also, take a look at some of our favorite videos while you’re there.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you stop by again soon!

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